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Is The New Firefox Quantum Web Browser As Good As People Say?

Nov 16

Tuesday saw the release of a product which has been getting hyped up for around a year, this is the

Samsung Mocks iPhone X Fans In Latest Advertisement

Nov 08

In recent years, Samsung has been known for directing jokes at Apple and its users but there was a quiet

Autonom Taxi Unveiled Aka The RoboTaxi

Nov 08

French company by the name of Navya has revealed that they have created a fleet of driverless taxis, the company

Dubai Police Introduce New Hoverbikes

Nov 02

Dubai has been testing new hover bikes in the effort to upgrade its police force by adding them to the

Apple Engineer Dismissed After Daughters iPhone X Video Goes Viral

Oct 31

An Apple engineer has reportedly lost his job due to a video posted by his daughter while visiting the Apple

iPhone 8 Battery Bloating

Oct 25

In the past week, there has been numerous reports of the new iPhone’s (8 & 8s) batteries inflating and splitting

New Ransomware ‘Bad Rabbit’ Cripples Businesses

Oct 25

In the past 24 hours, a new strain of ransomware has been spreading across Russia, Ukraine and various other countries

Wi-Fi Flaw Puts Millions of People at Risk

Oct 16

A recent discovery unveiled that a significant amount of Wi-Fi networks may have just been compromised. With exception of the

Nintendo Planning Game Boy Re-Release

Oct 16

Good news for all you Game Boy lovers, in recent days there has been speculation of the original Game Boy

100x Faster Wi-Fi Could Be Coming Soon

Sep 11

In this ultra fast day and age, where speed is king, slow loading times are often a major inconvenience. When