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Microsoft Word

Change The Default Save Location In Word 2016

Mar 27
You’ll probably find that whenever you try to save a new document in Microsoft Word it will ask you to either login or redirect you to a folder somewhere completely irrelevant. Fortunately you can change the default location for this so that it will default to your preferred location. To
Where's my traffic

Why Am I Not Getting Any Website Traffic?

Dec 01
Are you suffering from LWTS? (low website traffic syndrome) Are you being ignored on the interwebs? Have you looked at enough cat memes today and figured you better actually do some work? If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then you have come to the right

Microsoft Surface Dial Vs The Apple Touch Bar, Who Wins?

Nov 08
Microsoft Versus Apple…Again Microsoft & Apple have both recently introduced some changes in their technology line up, Microsoft has brought us the Surface Dial, and Apple has introduced their clever Touch Bar.   So what exactly are they? The Surface Dial is a puck shaped, Bluetooth enabled device that drops
MS Paint

MS Paint Is Getting A Long Overdue Update, And It Looks Awesome!

Oct 17
Microsoft Paint Gets Overhaul The iconic Microsoft Paint looks to be finally getting a long overdue revamp. Videos have leaked on twitter, which demonstrate tools to give 2D drawings a third dimension, bringing things like ‘fish tanks’ and ‘flower arranging’ to life. Although the development has not yet been officially confirmed (or

Here’s Why I didn’t Buy Another Apple iPhone

Aug 17
From iPhone Lover To…. OK, so I’ve been an iPhone lover for some years now, I loved the fact that they were an intuitive, reliable, robust piece of modern tech, encased in a sleek and sexy, minimalist design. I do feel however, that in recent times, Apple seem to have

What If We’re All Living Inside A Computer?

Aug 05
What If Life Really Is Like The Matrix? Everything we know maybe part of a science experiment being conducted in someone’s laboratory, Laura D’Olimpio, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at University of Notre Dame Australia, says. She believes that our brains are being kept in a jar and being fed nutrients

Amazon Begins Testing Delivery Drones In The UK

Jul 26
UK Drone Delivery From Amazon Amazon will step up its drone tests in UK airspace after winning approval from the Government to lift strict flying restrictions in a major boost to its plans for unmanned delivery aircraft. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has granted the internet retailer special permission to

Why You Need An Anti-Virus! (Oh, And A Nice How-To Video)

Jul 20
Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable Running an anti-virus program should be a staple piece of software for any PC user, however, most people are ill advised, unaware of the risks of being unprotected, or plain and simply, just don’t know how to install one. Well, fear not, we’ve got you covered. Many people

Microsoft – Talking With Your Hands

Jun 28
Microsoft Pushing Gesture Control Almost every object you encounter day-to-day has been designed to work with the human hand, so it’s no wonder so much research is being conducted into tracking hand gestures to create more intuitive computer interfaces, such as Purdue University’s DeepHand or the consumer product, Leap Motion.

The Latest News On The Apple Watch 2

Jun 23
The iWatch 2 Low Down Despite whispers that Apple may unveil a smartwatch sequel at its recent WWDC event in San Francisco, the only concrete wearable news from the conference was the unveiling of watchOS 3 – the updated smartwatch platform that will hit devices in the fall. However, that