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Our team will protect you from network infections, support you with the latest advancements and ensure you always have someone to turn to for help. We’re a trusted IT support and service provider. We’ll look after your current needs and help you to plan for the future with scoping and improvement phasing.

Honest & Reliable

We’re always true to our word. We’re upfront and trustworthy with our clients. We provide a dependable level of support at all times.


We care. We’re passionate about providing you with first-rate solutions, not workarounds. We’re interested in the IT industry and keep up-to-date with trends.


We know what your business needs. We’re an expert IT Support and service provider. So, we are always searching for better solutions to your problems to grow your revenues.


We won’t recommend products or services you can’t actually use. We’re an IT Support and service provider partner for your business. We’ll provide solutions, not sell add-ons.

No jargon

We’ll always speak plain English. We won’t use technical terms that put distance between us. You’ll understand all of our plans, reports and fix recommendations.

Cutting edge

Technology improves at a rapid pace. We’ll always source the gold-standard in quality, not price. We’re looking ahead at what your business needs to future-plan.

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"Thank you IT Assist for a fast, cost effective and efficient service. We look forward to working with you again in the future."

“We subscribe to one of IT Assists managed IT solutions, and can honestly say that they praovide us with a very proactive and forward thinking service, and that they have made a significant improvement on the performance and stability of our systems.”

"I called upon IT Assist on several occasions, typically needing some quick resolutions at short notice. The guys responded super fast and pulled out all the stops. They're very easy to deal with, both on the phone and then in person. Had the issues resolved rapidly, what more can you ask for? Thanks again!"


What the Super-deduction Tax Break means for you

What the Super-deduction Tax Break means for you

Since the 2021 UK Government’s budget announcement, we’ve learned more about the programmes meant to encourage the economy to recover. Furlough is carrying on to September and the self-employed will receive more grants. But perhaps the most exciting news is the new...

How to future proof your remote working operation

How to future proof your remote working operation

If you think we’ll all go back to the workplace after lockdown ends, think again. According to the BBC, “A survey of just under 1,000 firms by the Institute of Directors (IoD) shows that 74% plan on maintaining the increase in home working. More than half planned on...

Why terms of use and community guidelines matter

Why terms of use and community guidelines matter

This month, Twitter and most other major social media platforms banned Former President Donald Trump’s accounts. According to the BBC, “Twitter boss Jack Dorsey has said banning US President Donald Trump was the right thing to do. However, he expressed sadness at what...

Why privacy is a big concern in 2021

Why privacy is a big concern in 2021

There’s a saying: “If it’s free, you’re the product.” And that couldn’t be more true of digital platforms. A complex set of algorithms seek to keep you engaged in the product while backend systems auction off your attention to advertisers. We have never had such...

Using IT Systems to Prevent Internal Fraud & Process Breaches

Using IT Systems to Prevent Internal Fraud & Process Breaches

Recently, a Papa Johns franchise came under fire for alleged fraudulent Eat Out to Help Out scheme claims totalling over £250k. These meal discounts got allegedly processed despite there being no button on the till to accept the transaction. And often with several...

Disaster Proofing a Server Room

Disaster Proofing a Server Room

Last week an earthquake hit towns near Leighton Buzzard. Rooms shook and residents were fearful. Turns out, the UK gets around 2 small earthquakes a year. But even a small earthquake can do some damage. And that got us thinking, isn’t it about time we talk about...

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