100x Faster Wi-Fi Could Be Coming Soon


In this ultra fast day and age, where speed is king, slow loading times are often a major inconvenience.

When websites take longer than a few seconds to load, we become frustrated or in some cases just abandon it altogether.

But there is some good news. Recent reports suggest that a new breakthrough could mean we could be getting cat memes and netflix 100 times faster, according to Metro.

A team of US researchers reportedly sent video signals using ‘terahertz’ waves, a higher-frequency than Wi-Fi’s usual microwaves, which apparently means data could travel at 50 gigabits per second or in English – really really really fast.

Professor Daniel Mittleman, of Brown University, went on to say “We have shown that we can transmit separate data streams on terahertz waves at very high speeds and with very low error rates. This is the first time anybody has characterized a terahertz multiplexing system using actual data, and our results show that our approach could be viable in future terahertz wireless networks.”

It may seem like a load of jargon for now, but super fast wifi could soon be a reality – fingers crossed.