3 Essential Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Tips And Advice

Make Your Computer Run Faster With These Quick And Easy Tips

You’ve probably had your computer a while now, and during the time you’ve owned it, you’ve noticed its performance has taken a dip. This can be down to numerous factors, but realistically, from my experience, most performance issues come from simply having too many things running. Make your computer run faster by doing some essential maintenance.

Every-time you install a new program, be it a new toolbar or a fully-fledged piece of software, it installs files all over your computer, and as part of that, comes background processes and services. This essentially means these programs are running in the background, even when they aren’t visibly open on your PC.

First and foremost:

1.) Remove / Uninstall Old Programs

Any programs you no longer use, get rid of, uninstall them and get rid totally. This will remove the background processes and services. I advise you do this at least once or twice per year to help keep your computer in tip top shape.


2.)  Run A System Cleanup

Microsoft systems come with a Disk Cleaner utility as standard, this sweeps out any temporary data and unnecessary files that are consuming room on your hard drive. Its very straight forward and easy to navigate. To open this navigate to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup. Here’s a guide for Windows 10.

My third and final tip

3.) Run AntiVirus / AntiMalware Scans Regularly

If your computer becomes infected, which it can, even with your protection software in place, it will undoubtedly be consuming resources on your computer. By running regular scans and clean-ups, you can better protect yourself against malicious programs but also help keep your computer running sweet.

There you go! Make your computer run faster in three simple steps! Need more help? Get in touch.

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