Apple Engineer Fired After Daughters iPhone X Video Leak

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Home-blog, News

iPhone X Leak Costs A Lot

An Apple engineer has reportedly lost his job due to a video posted by his daughter. While visiting the Apple Campus she took a video of the unreleased iPhone X. It went viral on YouTube. People soon realised that her vlog included her playing around with the phone. This then caused it to attract thousands of people. And even led to the video being picked up by popular apple related sites such as 9to5Mac. This, in turn, allowed the video to spread to more people at a much faster rate.

She states that her father has been released by Apple because of her posting the video online. The dismissal is down to an Apple policy which prohibits the filming of products before an official release. He wasn’t the one who filmed it, but because he allowed her access to the phone and allowed her to film it leaves him to blame for the issue. Apple reportedly requested that the video be taken down. But it was too late as it had already been re-uploaded by many YouTube channels and news outlets.

You may feel like Apple are being harsh by letting the employee go, but not only did she show the exterior of the phone but also went through the phone and exposed employee-only QR codes which are used to access certain things within the phone, along with the notes app which showed code names for future apple products which could lead to the compromise of some future projects.

With filming, in general, being strictly prohibited on the Apple Campus, the filming of an unreleased iPhone will probably be a huge violation of the rules, so very understandable that he was let go, Do you feel like this was a justified dismissal?

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