Autonom Taxi Unveiled a.k.a The RoboTaxi

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Home-blog, News

Autonom Taxi Shown Off in Paris

French company by the name of Navya has revealed that they have created a fleet of driverless taxis. The Autonom Taxi. The company has already proved itself by providing Las Vegas, Michigan and Singapore with all-electric shuttle buses which are also self-driving.

At a company event in Paris, Navya unveiled the Autonom cab. They have described the car as being the first “taxi robot”. This looks to overtake the competitors such as Uber when battling for the title of best self-driving transport service.

Although the exterior is extremely different from other self-driving cars, the inside also features no cockpit. Which also means no steering wheel, brakes, or mirrors… just seats. This shows the confidence in the technology. Let’s hope so.

You may be thinking “where are all the security features?”, well let me explain, the car uses 10 LiDAR sensor units, six built in cameras, four obstacle radars and even a computer system to control the rest of the taxis features without the need for a human. They are also implementing a company made mapping tool which will present the routes to the car.

Look at the testing of the vehicle if you wish


A little bit of information about the key features now, the car can seat six passengers thanks to the extra space provided by the removal of the cockpit, the 55-mph max speed will not be taken advantage of as the car has been capped at 35mph to make sure it doesn’t conflict with the urban streets speed limit.

Until we see the car at work within the busy urban streets we will never know what it is capable off, would you trust this vehicle with your morning journey to work?


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