Best Video Conferencing Software? Meet, Teams & Zoom

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Home-blog, Tips And Advice

What’s the best video conferencing software?

Well, first we should define ‘best’ as the product that meets your needs perfectly. It should have as little downtime as possible. And it should be secure. Now, during the lockdown, Zoom saw its users grow seemingly overnight. But it was also plagued with security concerns (which have now been mostly addressed). Is it the best choice for your company? We discuss the key players: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom. Which is the best video conferencing software for you? Well, only you can decide. But we’re hoping to help with a comprehensive breakdown of features.


The current dominant player. It lets you host and record video meetings. It also features virtual backgrounds and live chat which is popular with users. You can have a Zoom Room as well (which is an on-site conference room set up on Zoom). The presenter controls are great. You can share your screen and direct attention within the apps for desktop and mobile. Zoom is supported on iOS and Android. Prices start from $15 per month, per host if you want to get rid of the 40-minute time limit. (Zoom Rooms are extra, of course).

Google Meet

What used to be called Hangouts is now Google Meet. Currently free for all users until 30 Sept 2020 and without a 40 minute limit on free plans. Meetings of up to 100 people can take place across all major devices and operating systems. While lacking in some of the participant features, Meet is integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar. You can see 16 people at once during the call and it works perfectly in almost all browsers. Prices for the whole package start at $6 per month and include the ability to record and save. On-site equipment is also available for enterprise plans.

Microsoft Teams

A must if you have Microsoft 365, Teams is getting more new features. Its main focus is on chatting, not video. So you’ll get more live chat collaborative features than with the others. This is good if you need to track and search the progress on projects. Plus, Teams integrates with Skype and Outlook perfectly. While you can only see 9 people on the screen at a time, it will support up to 250 on the call. It also has some fun features like ‘raise your hand’, noise suppression and custom backgrounds. It comes with support for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and most browsers, as you would expect. Prices start at $5 per person per month.

What We Recommend

That really depends on the platform you use for business. If you’re G Suite, Meet is a no-brainer. If you have a mix of proprietary tools, perhaps Zoom is best for plug and play. Finally, if you’re Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Teams is worth a look for its integration alone. If you need help mapping your infrastructure, give us a call. Let us help you set up for the new normal.

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