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Mark Zuckerberg Has Just Lost An Astonishing Amount Of Money

Jan 18

Mark Zuckerberg’s recent changes to Facebook have cost him $3.3 billion from his personal fortune, but this isn’t going to

CES Day -1

Jan 10

Some of you may not know this but CES (Consumer Electronics Show) kicks off in

WhatsApp Pulls Support From A Large Number Of Smartphones

Jan 04

Yesterday was an unfortunate day for users of older smartphones and even the less mainstream smartphones, as WhatsApp has decided

The Reality Of Bitcoin

Dec 12

If you have been living under a rock and have no idea what Bitcoin is, it is a digital currency

What Is Net Neutrality And Is It Going To Be Changing The Way You Use The Internet?

Nov 29

Lately the news has been focusing on Net Neutrality due to the recent debates in the United States blowing up.

Is The New Firefox Quantum Web Browser As Good As People Say?

Nov 16

Tuesday saw the release of a product which has been getting hyped up for around a year, this is the

Samsung Mocks iPhone X Fans In Latest Advertisement

Nov 08

In recent years, Samsung has been known for directing jokes at Apple and its users but there was a quiet

Autonom Taxi Unveiled Aka The RoboTaxi

Nov 08

French company by the name of Navya has revealed that they have created a fleet of driverless taxis, the company

Dubai Police Introduce New Hoverbikes

Nov 02

Dubai has been testing new hover bikes in the effort to upgrade its police force by adding them to the

Apple Engineer Dismissed After Daughters iPhone X Video Goes Viral

Oct 31

An Apple engineer has reportedly lost his job due to a video posted by his daughter while visiting the Apple