Business Continuity

Business Continuity: The plan to prevent a worst-case scenario

If we’ve learned anything from the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the importance of having a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Any damage to your company, whether malicious or accidental, puts jobs and the business future at risk.

Plan for the unimaginable and you’ll never be unprepared. Our expertise in business continuity and disaster recovery planning means that; if the worst does happen, you’ll be back to normal as soon as possible.
The unexpected will have an impact; that’s unavoidable, but what is preventable is how long your business is out of operation.

Business Continuity Plan basics

A business continuity plan first identifies all the risks to your company’s operations. This could be anything from a pandemic, to a weather crisis, to a cyber attack. The plan will outline what employees, assets and systems will be impacted and what steps should be taken to get back to normal.

Solutions cover a wide variety of recovery options from remote working to secondary server capability. It’s all tailored to your specific operation

Identify & Report

We’ll examine your key business processes and functions, determine what resources they need – including premises, people, suppliers, and technology. We take a risk-based approach by identifying where your organisation is particularly vulnerable, enabling you to direct your budget most effectively.

Strategy and Planning

Beyond identifying how to recover from a disaster, our process empowers your team to think critically about their own role in preventing a crisis. IT Assist will coach senior stakeholders on how to approach preventative measures in the future, like installing a secure and robust IT Infrastructure.

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Imbedding The Plan

From drills to training videos, our team will help you determine the right way to roll out and scale the disaster recovery plan. We’re on hand to help ensure compliance with the measures you’ve chosen to adopt, so everything runs smoothly should a crisis emerge.

With our business continuity planning you get:

Real-world practise and drills to keep the plan in practice

Expert identification and planning for your critical business risks

Secure backup and storage of key systems/data

Temporary office relocation package, if premises are damaged

Experienced support and guidance from end to end