Consumer Electronics Show: CES 2018

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Early reveals at the Consumer Electronics Show

Some of you may not know this but CES (Consumer Electronics Show) kicks off in Las Vegas today for the annual convention. If you don’t know what CES is and what happens, basically, all the biggest names in electronics will be there to showcase some of their current products. But the most exciting part is that they are there to unveil new and planned devices, gadgets, TV’s and even robots.

The most exciting reveals usually happen over the course of the week. But not this year as many tech firms have announced a number of products before CES has even officially begun. With the hopes of catching more media attention the others, I am going to give you an update on some of the products announces at yesterdays media extravaganzas.

Did you think that you had a big enough TV already? Well, Samsung doesn’t think so. They have announced a whopping 146inch 4K TV named “The Wall” with the goal of it being to cover a full wall of your house and turn it into one giant screen. Don’t worry if you feel like you haven’t got space for it. The Wall does not have any bezels which means that screen can basically be whatever size you want.

Sony has also been involved in a little bit of early unveiling. (Granted it is not as exciting as “The Wall”.) With the new range of Xperia phones, these phones are built quite well. With Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 635 chipset and a 23-megapixel rear-facing camera, they come complete with ISO 12800 sensitivity. The Xperia L2 meanwhile, is a 5.5in smartphone powered by a MediaTek MT6737T processor and 3GB of RAM. But alongside the dominant powers Samsung & Apple, that leaves them to be a mid-range smartphone.


Acer used CES to unveil its latest line of laptops and Chromebooks. The first is the gaming-focused Nitro 5, equipped with AMD’s Radeon RX560 GPU and the latest AMD Ryzen mobile processor. Second is the Acer Swift 7, the new 4G LTE-equipped super-slim laptop. Finally, there’s the updated stylish Acer Chromebook 11, complete with an 11.6in touchscreen display on the cheap. There isn’t much to say about these as they are a solid laptop at a solid price in comparison to other laptops of the kind.

Nvidia had a very exciting reveal for us gamers. Most people game on a monitor for the best experience such as response time. You may be perfectly fine playing on your current TV. But some people feel different about it. Nvidia is using the visual aspect of gaming to boost the experience. Sitting at 65inch and running G-SYNC and Nvidia Shield, it’s a beast. But the firm has also partnered with HP, Acer & Asus, so you can be sure they have more up their sleeve.

That is a lot of interesting announcements and the event hadn’t even begun, I’m excited to see what the rest of the week brings, keep checking our blogs to be updated daily on the goings-on at CES 2018. Is there anything you’d like to see this year?

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