Cloud Versus On-Premise, My Two Penneth

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Tips And Advice

The Cloud Versus On-Premise Solutions

There are many arguments for and against both solutions. However, today I want to talk about keeping data private and the benefits that come with that. First of all, I think it’s best we gain an understanding of the cloud vs on-premise debate to see why some of the leading tech gurus advocate a hybrid model where both solutions coexist.

Whilst the likes of Microsoft and Oracle have recently pressed on with aggressive tacks to market the benefits of storing data and running applications via their cloud solutions, there are many IT leaders that remain caught up in the debate over maintaining on-premises solutions versus moving to the cloud.

Before I begin explaining what my views are, I would like to clarify at this point that every situation does need to be addressed individually, and based around your specific requirements.

In general, there are at least 4 reasons that I can think of where it would be appropriate to avoid the use of a public cloud service, and instead only store data in privately controlled data centres. Many of the concerns related to this are to do with regulatory requirements, connectivity and speed, all of which are outside the control of your organisation. Obviously, this is again, subjective to the type of data that you need to store.

So, I’m going to kick my geek debate reasons off now, starting with:

1. Security

It is my belief that cloud security has surpassed the security measures generally found in most data centres. There are, however, companies out there that require greater security measures than what cloud providers can currently offer, or perhaps even you or your IT team feel more comfortable accepting the risk that comes with controlling your own data security. Either way, security is typically one of the most important determining factors when choosing to store data and apps on-premises.

2. Visibility And Trust

Do you really know where your data is? A haunting thought that continues to send chills down the spines of any new cloud clients. Unfortunately, the cold hard truth is that once that sensitive and precious data is moved (or created) on a public cloud, it becomes almost impossible to see exactly where the data resides. Until technology overcomes these visibility issues then this is a very real concern for many people.

3. Regulations

Subject to your industry sector, market, and location, you will most likely have to abide by an array of government regulations determining how you can use and store sensitive data. The NHS and many financial service industries are common examples in which IT has to take extra steps to prove that sensitive data is secure. More often than not, this means keeping sensitive data in private data centres.

4.  Accessibility 

In an ideal world, everyone would have super-fast internet and easy access to any of the public cloud service providers. Unfortunately, we’re still some way off on that front. This can prove quite an issue when your company is based on numerous sites. Accessing your data can prove problematic due to bandwidth constraints or restrictions.

To conclude…

I don’t actually think that there is a right or wrong answer to Cloud Versus On-Premise. Some data and applications are low impacts and pretty easy to transition to the cloud. Other, critical, sensitive data and applications may be best kept on site. It is all entirely subjective to you and your requirements. So it is entirely down to you to determine which is the most appropriate place for your specific data and application needs. If you’re unsure and need some help, then get in touch – it’s what we’re here for.

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