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The Ultimate Backup For Your Business

Our backup service seamlessly integrates with your business, providing one of the most comprehensive and flexible solutions available.

Every successful business needs a safe and secure system in place to protect their data. We provide a back up service that offers total peace of mind by ensuring no data is ever lost. Minimizing down time to get you up and running again as soon as possible whenever a problem occurs.

Data Backup
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Flexible Integration

Our service seamlessly integrates with all major operating systems and applications. This gives you the flexibility to backup as little as one file, a specific application (such as Exchange), an entire Windows server, VMware or Hyper-V system, or anything in between.

Rapid Recovery

You have the option to be able to recover whatever you need whenever you need it. Our backup service allows you to recover anything from a single file to complete servers. We can even output from a physical machine to a virtual machine. The flexibility is endless with our backups.

Secure & Private

The backup uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data. Your data is then stored in our certified data centres here in the UK.  Our data centres are all ISO certified so you can rest assured that it is truly safe, secure, and inaccessible to anyone else. We make you stand out from the crowd.


Don’t think that’s all we can offer, your heroes have many  tricks up their sleeve to prevent you succumbing to the deadly hands of data loss.

We can easily restore your machines with our super speed backups. We don’t want to keep you waiting around if something was to occur, we want to get you back on your feet.

At IT Assist we perform our backups during out of work hours which prevents any chance of disruption or interruption with your current systems. We get it done quick and silently.

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