Dubai Police Introduce New Hoverbikes

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Home-blog, Just For Fun, News

Hoverbikes to Augment Police Force

Dubai has been testing new hoverbikes in the effort to upgrade its police force. The Hoversurf Scorpions were recently unveiled at the Gitex Tech Conference. Soon they’ll join the ranks of police issued vehicles in the UAE.

The hoverbikes are going to be used to allow officers on emergency response to get to the location faster and easier. With the ability to go over the traffic and avoid stalls behind slow movers, these bikes are cool. The 600-pound bikes can run at speeds of up to 43 miles per hour. And it allows the use of the bike for 25 minutes per charge while being able to fly autonomously for four miles.

The hoverbikes are going to be mass-produced for the Dubai Police. It was confirmed by the Hoversurf CEO on Facebook that they had agreed on a deal. It is well known that Dubai has a love for technology and gadgets. The police use a range of high-speed supercars and link drones to them to aid in the fight against crime. However, even the Ubers in Dubai are high-tech Tesla’s. But, of all the cities in the world, I’m not surprised they’re paving the way.

Overall, I would like to work the emergency services in Dubai. Do you think the tech is needed?

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