White-glove Installations

Moving, expanding or decorating your office? Maybe you just have some new equipment coming in. Whatever your installations requirement, we can meet it. IT Assist has years of experience delivering installation projects on time and to budget.

We know that choosing a reliable IT provider is vital to the success of your project and our team will help you through each stage of the process from onboarding to aftercare.

Let IT Assist provide you with fast, tidy installation for cables, trunking, sockets, patch panels, firewalls, switches, routers, computers, audio-visual, telecommunication and servers. Have complex requirements? That’s just fine. All our installations are bespoke. Our team will scope and detail each element of your installation design plan before work commences as part of our comprehensive onboarding.

Need some software installed too? Let our heroes handle it. Every element will be managed to high-quality standards with maximum efficiency to reasonable timelines.

What we can help with






Let’s start Installation

Post-installation Network Management

Let the IT Assist team ensure your computer network is running at optimum efficiency. We’ll monitor the usage of all your network resources and make sure your infrastructure is up-to date with all the latest releases.

We’ll be proactive when identifying and repairing operational issues with your network before they impact business continuity. This includes carrying out maintenance when required and installing upgrades.

Lastly, we’ll help you plan for the future of your business. Whether that is a planned headcount increase or newly required functionality, we can scope and deploy a wide range of solutions to meet your expanding business requirements.