Business Internet

How you connect, matters. With complex restrictions, dependant on your business location and structure, it can be hard to identify the right solution on your own. As the world becomes inseparably digital, it’s best to look for expert guidance.
The IT Assist team can help you identify the best solution for your needs through an audit of your current infrastructure. We’ll make sure you have the right bandwidth to handle all your business-critical demands like VoIP, cloud computing or remote access.

We’ll leverage our professional connections to secure you attractive rates with trusted network providers in the UK. Depending on your bespoke needs, we may deploy one of the following solutions:

Leased Lines

A dedicated, secure connection with super-fast speeds of up to 10Gbps on your own private line. If your business is video, voice or traffic-heavy, a leased line will unlock your full potential. Also, perfect for multi-structure organisations, a leased line can connect to buildings that are up to 25km apart for seamless integration.


Essentially different ways of connecting your operation to the grid, it’s a cost-effective solution for SMEs. If your business doesn’t put significant and business-critical loads on its internet connection, an FTTP, EoFTTC or FTTC deployment could strike the perfect balance of speed and cost-saving.

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4G & 5G Internet

Running off the mobile network, 4G or 5G business plans are good for businesses looking for a cost-effective and portable option. Designed to be paired with corporate mobile phone deployments, both 4G and 5G connections offer stable connectivity at a low price for moderate-traffic environments.

Wireless Broadband

If you’re in a rural location, our business WiFi solutions can offer dependable and transient access to the internet. It’s affordable and scalable to suit growing businesses, while still offering robust security measures.

Standard Broadband

If your business doesn’t put large demands on its network, standard business broadband off an analogue phone line may offer you the right level of support. However, speeds may vary so this option is wholly unsuitable for instances where online connectivity 24/7 at set speeds is required.

Benefits of our business internet solutions:

Backup connectivity options for business continuity plans

Negotiated rates with key UK network providers

Consultation with connectivity expert to identify the best solution

End-to-end support from the IT Assist team

Equipped with robust security standards that pass compliance tests