iPhone 8 Battery Bloating

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Home-blog, News

What’s going on with iPhone 8 battery bloating?

In the past week, there have been numerous reports of the new iPhone’s (8 & 8s) batteries inflating and splitting the phone open. This is being called iPhone 8 Battery Bloating. This renders it useless. Apple has not yet made an official statement on the issue. However, sources say that they are beginning very serious investigations into these reports.

CNET and TechCrunch have conducted tests to identify what is causing the problem and how many devices are affected. The numbers came back very low – less than 10 occurrences throughout the 5 countries which the research was carried out. This could mean it’s an isolated incident. Usually, many more cases are required to trigger a recall. It’s likely these are a few specific malfunctioning units. Not a poor production run or overall product fault.

The phones are splitting open and that’s scary. But, it’s still not as dangerous as the Samsung explosion issues from a few years ago. That fault triggered a mass recall. The phones were also banned on flights. Many people were injured. There are zero cases of the iPhone 8 exploding. Will you still be purchasing one of the new iPhone 8 models?

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