IT Security

Ensuring your data is safe and secure is an often overlooked, yet IT Security is a crucial aspect for any thriving business.

IT security isn’t just specific to one area of IT, quite the opposite in fact. Malicious software is getting smarter every day, and each time you interact with anything on your computer, there is a risk associated with that interaction, which is exactly why you need a comprehensive level of IT security.

IT Security Solutions & Services
From IT Assist

Network Security

Not having a properly secured network is leaving your business exposed and vulnerable to attack.

Ensuring you have a good firewall and network infrastructure that is correctly configured is essential.

Web Protection

Having appropriate web security provides access control to unwanted websites. Further to this, educational facilities now have to ensure they have internet filters that comply with the “keeping children safe in education” initiative. We are experienced and are able to offer much more cost effective solutions for this.

Mail Protection

Mail protection or spam filtering is probably one of the most essential services you need behind anti-virus software. Unsolicited emails are annoying, but they are also the easiest way to compromise your network. A user opening a spoof email can immediately allow access to your entire network.

What Our Clients Say

MX5 City

MX5 City

"Being a non-tech savvy person, it's comforting to have IT assist to call upon when we have IT issues. Computer problems can cause serious and expensive disruption in the running of our business. IT Assist have always sorted things out efficiently and professionally, so we're up and running again as quickly as possible"