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IT systems are a crucial part of business, the more efficient and effective your system – the more successful your business. Simple as.

We strongly believe that computer errors and system faults should not blight the smooth running of your business.

It’s our job (and we are passionate about our job) to ensure that your systems remain healthy and efficient, giving you total confidence and peace of mind.

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We do more and we do IT better

Not only are we passionate about our job, we are also passionate about IT. We’re constantly researching and seeking out new developments in the world of IT so that we can offer you the very latest, cutting edge technology and techniques in IT support.

Below are just some of the unique benefits you receive by using IT Assist for your IT needs:

Proactive AI Technology

You’ve probably heard of proactive IT support before – thats what we do too, but with a major difference. We leverage artificial intelligence to monitor your computers which provides drastically increased accuracy.

Unlimited Contact

We don’t limit how much you can contact us (or charge extra). Our IT Support is unlimited, be that remotely or onsite – contact us as often as you need to, and get your issues resolved rapidly.

Guaranteed Timescales

When you need support, you need it immediately! We get that, and that’s why we guarantee our response times. We typically fix issues in less than 30 minutes or less!


We properly document all aspects of your IT – does your current IT provider do this? (we doubt it!) We keep the information organised and current. You can  easily obtain a copy of this at any time during your agreement.

Endpoint Protection

Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Anti-phishing, Anti-ransomware and the list goes on…the additional costs to properly secure your systems can be an expensive ordeal – unless you’re with us, we provide leading Endpoint Protection as standard!

Speed Focused

There’s nothing worse than a slow computer. We love speedy computers, so we made sure our software is fast and lightweight so it won’t slow down your systems! It also has built in features to keep your computer running at its optimum all day.


  • Absolutely no limitations, be that remotely or on-site.
  • We use AI (artificial intelligence) to monitor your systems which is far more advanced and accurate than your average proactive monitoring.
  • We document all aspects of your IT (and keep it up to date!) and you can have a copy of this at any time.
  • Security software is essential and you should never be without, so we provide Leading Endpoint Protection for FREE as standard!
  • When you do need support, you need it fast! We typically fix issues within 30 minutes or less!

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“We subscribe to one of IT Assists managed IT packages and can honestly say that they provide us with a very proactive and forward thinking service. They have made a significant improvement to the performance and stability of our systems and would highly recommend them.”