IT Solutions

Investing in IT solutions pays dividends

With cyber-crime an ever-increasing threat in this digital age, you need to ensure your business is protected from digital thieves who are working to steal your data. With new GDPR measures, the cost of an attack could result in fines equal to 2% of your annual turnover!

You don’t need to pay over the odds for effective protection, however. At IT Assist, we have years of experience providing expert cybersecurity IT solutions that are robust and affordable.


We can protect you from virus, phishing, spam and malware through efficient filtering so your employees and customers can be confident in their emails.


We use AI to scan all incoming and outgoing traffic for malware or ransomware attacks which could damage your network. This includes advanced filtering on IP against organisations with poor reputations, known viruses and emerging cyber threats.


Our sophisticated firewall systems prevent users from stumbling into internet traps and prevent your internal systems from being compromised. As with our email security, any compromised systems can be quarantined off from the rest of the healthy network.

Disaster Recovery

We’ll work with you to put a plan in place if the worst should happen. This will help you resume normal operations as quickly as possible.

Real-time Detection

Our vulnerability scans search for potential weakness on mass and at scale. If you’re trying to become PCI or ISO compliant, this maybe a requirement for you.

Remote Backups

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Using remotely hosted backups can ensure that if your main premises is damaged, the business can continue to operate normally.

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Encryption Levels

Beyond hacking concerns, a robust level of encryption is now required under GDPR. IT Assist can work with you to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

Corporate Wi-Fi

End-to-end management of employee and guest access is important to maintain network security. Reduce your business risks by investing in gold-standard business connectivity.

Enhanced Business Continuity

No security package would be complete without considering business continuity issues and the vital importance of downtime prevention through redundancies.

With our business continuity solutions you get:

Comprehensive back-up options that fit your business

Security for your deployed fleet of mobile devices

A detailed risk assessment and plan to address disasters

Tiered business wi-fi with internal and guest access

Expert procurement and exclusive rate access

24/7 support and knowledgeable feedback from IT Assist