Harness the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Business
Support & Installation

A fantastic platform for scaling businesses and established large enterprises, Microsoft Azure includes a set of powerful business tools to manage your end-to-end IT Infrastructure in the cloud. From virtual machines to mobiles services, it’s easy to manage, analyse and add new capability as you grow with Microsoft Azure.

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What can Microsoft Azure do?

It will unlock decentralised and remote management of key systems with 24/7 access to critical business information. It’s also more cost-effective as products can be added to rapidly meet demands of a scaling business or switched out to suit a changing business focus.

Our team can identify where best to deploy Microsoft Azure resources
to meet your business challenges. Let us scope your business requirements and deploy a besoke solution. We’ll never suggest applications or resourses you don’t need.

Co-working teams working off of Microsoft Azure

Benefits of the cloud:


Rapid scalability and agile deployments


Reduced cost of IT ownership


Increased productivity with 24/7 access


Compliance with GDPR and other key guidelines


Top-of-market security

Microsoft Azure is in the cloud, which is cheaper

Lower Costs

Virtually eliminate all IT hardware overheads with secure cloud access, perfect for remote teams.
Microsoft Azure has been deployed internationally

Internationally Deployed

Benefiting from hundreds of thousands of deployments worldwide for comprehensive and useful improvements.
Microsoft Azure can be accessed remotely should a crisis happen

Business Continuity

Offer secure remote working and comprehensive disaster preparedness so you can
retain your team.

Microsoft Azure can be used for collaborative working

Connected Departments

Leave fragmented systems in the past and unlock the power of collaborative working with seamless integrations.
Microsoft Azure comes with add-ons for scale

Unrivalled Scalability

Pay as you go, grow when you need to. You’re not tied in or restricted by your IT any longer.

Microsoft Azure has robust reporting

Business Intelligence

Will all the data at your fingertips 24/7 make smarter business decisions across your operation.

IT Assist offers Microsoft Azure support

Cloud Support

Our team is expertly-trained in all popular cloud deployments and here to serve you, on-demand.

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