MS Paint Is Getting A Long Overdue Update, And It Looks Awesome!


Microsoft Paint Gets Overhaul

The iconic Microsoft Paint looks to be finally getting a long overdue revamp. Videos have leaked on twitter, which demonstrate tools to give 2D drawings a third dimension, bringing things like ‘fish tanks’ and ‘flower arranging’ to life.

Although the development has not yet been officially confirmed (or denied) by Microsoft, it certainly appears to be an interesting move for the software, which is a classic piece of software for any long term Windows users.

As someone who grew up using Windows 98, ME and XP, I remember all the hours spent in my IT classes, making full use of the Spray Can and Fill tools to create some absolute masterpieces. To now find out that these could have a 3D element makes my inner teenager very giddy indeed.




Check out this video, and let us know what you think!