What Is Net Neutrality and How Will It Impact You?

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Home-blog, News

Net Neutrality Comes into Focus

Lately, the news has been focusing on Net Neutrality due to the recent debates in the United States blowing up.

Net Neutrality comes under a law which was implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It ensures that everyone who has access to the internet also has the rights to access the same content as everyone else. Regardless of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) they use.

The demand to remove the law is led by the leading internet providers in the states. The likes of AT&T and Comcast who both agree that the law isn’t beneficial to their companies as it is reducing the need for improvement and development in the sector. I agree with the statements made as if there isn’t any need to be better. Where is the initiative coming from? Most industries would just flop if all their products had to be created using the same style, materials and colours. Take shoes for example, how many different brands would be in competition if every pair had to be the same?

What’s the Core of the Argument

The argument isn’t just strong against the law. The pro-Net Neutrality side has proved able to compete with arguments. Stating that if the law was to be withdrawn, it would lean companies in the direction of “Pay-To-Play”. Instead of providing the full web experience under one price, you will be charged or even sold different categories of sites under a package such as Social, Communication etc. This could cause some businesses to take huge hits with the amount of traffic and activity occurring on their site.

Even though the issue hasn’t arisen in the UK at this moment in time. This is only due to our protection thanks to Open Internet Access rights which comes under EU law. As soon as we prepare to leave the EU and we are no longer covered. Will Net Neutrality be scrapped and replaced with “Pay-To-Play” technology? Or will the internet big dogs such as SKY, BT & Plus Net allow us to continue using the internet freely?

Do you think this could be a successful idea, or do you think it is just another corporate method of extorting more money out of the everyday internet users pocket?

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