Corporate Network Solutions

Leave it to us. We will manage the end-to-end deployment of a scoped and costed network solution that’s tailor-made to your business.

Multi-Skilled IT Experts

We’re not just experts in IT, we understand the communication needs of your business as well. We know how VoIP deployments, VPNs and cloud computing impact the needs of your network. That’s why we are perfectly placed to advise and manage the breadth of your requirements.We’ll leverage both our expertise and our connections to ensure your network is truly fit for purpose.

MPLS Network

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks are perfect for businesses with more than one location. Each office connects to the cloud access point for the internet. They can transfer amongst themselves without exposing secure data to external threats. We can also help you monitor and direct the flow of data for efficiency.


Remote teams require solutions like Virtual Private Networks (VPN, IP VPN) to maintain compliance with a number of UK and EU regulations. With a VPN, your external teams will be able to access and transfer data securely.

P2P WiFi

Link local premises together without cabling for simple data transfer and security improvements where a physical connection is just not possible.

WiFi Concierge

We’ll design and deploy a bespoke WiFi solution to offer secure employee and guest access with superior efficiency and data flow management. Redundancy and backups are also available for business continuity planning.


An SD-WAN is perfect for multi-site organisations looking for a more cost-effective and secure solution for existing infrastructure. Replace MPLS and VPN, with a single SD-WAN. If your organisation is high-traffic, cloud-based and/or remote, an SD-WAN could offer greater control at a reduced cost.

Infrastructure Cabling

Our solutions cover cabling that is ethernet or fibre optic. We’ll design and plan, in collaboration with your team, a successful deployment to meet the connectivity needs of every workstation.

Remote Management

Our team can monitor multiple workstations and servers to ensure your systems are running at optimum levels. We’ll deploy fixes and suggest upgrades as required to suit your business demands on an ongoing basis.

Why choose IT Assist?

network installations across a range of business sizes and verticals. Our team is best placed to advise you of solutions to meet your needs both now and in the future.

Benefits of our business network solutions:

Designed and planned only after consultation and audit of existing systems

Fully installed in your current premises or new

Negotiated best-price rates from our network of contacts

Expert aftercare and support when you need it

Get a callback regarding network