New Firefox Quantum Web Browser- As Good As People Say?

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Home-blog, News, Tips And Advice

Firefox Quantum Web Browser Just Released

Tuesday saw the release of a product which has been getting hyped up for around a year. This is the Firefox Quantum Web Browser. Firefox hasn’t gone through an update in over 13 years of web browsers. But now, get ready to try the new browser on all Operating Systems. This being Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Quantum which is also known as Firefox 57, has been gifted with a friendlier user interface which not only makes it look modern. But thanks to the new tools implemented, it also has a modern feel to the browser. During the 2000’s Firefox’s growth was rapid and it took one-third of the market. But as Google Chrome upped its speed and usability, Firefox was quickly moved to one side. Chrome took control of 64% of the browser market, leaving Firefox with as little as 14%.

When the test version of the Quantum browser was released in September, it was widely acknowledged as a potential rival to Safari and Chrome. It then set out on the path to ensure that all bugs and security gaps were discovered before public release.

What Does Mozilla Say

One head of the Mozilla’s Technology Organisation, David Bryant has said “Anyone who downloads this version, which is so advanced we have named it Firefox Quantum, you simply can’t help but notice the speed, performance improvements, and the responsive slick new user interface.” In my opinion, he is completely true. The speeds and performance allow you to perform any action at a must faster rate than on the previous browser. Double that to be exact with 66 Runs per minute.

Not only is the speed tempting to potential switchers, but keep in mind that the memory usage by Quantum is 30% lower than that of Chrome. Remember when Chrome added data sync between Chrome on devices? Well, Firefox has taken that up a notch with the new pocket app which allows you to save a page’s content on to the app for later visits.

After the small amount of time using Firefox Quantum, I can say that it’s a brilliant browser. And I will now be setting it as my new default on both mobile and desktop, as well as encouraging customers to do so as well. But I guess it all comes down to personal preference. Who else is going to be giving Firefox’s newest creation a shot?

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