Nintendo Planning Game Boy Re-Release

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Home-blog, News

Game Boy Re-Release Excites Fans

Good news for all you Game Boy lovers! In recent days there has been speculation of the original Game Boy making its return to our hands to celebrate the handheld devices 30th birthday. This surprise news caught attention for the first time when a twitter account which follows companies trademarking activity tweeted it out for the entire world to see. Not only was the word “Game Boy” trademarked, but an image of the console was submitted alongside it. Many suspect a Game Boy Re-Release.

With the consoles 30th birthday coming on July 21st, 2019, Nintendo still has a substantial amount of time to go ahead with production and development. Even though people are still sceptical of the whole situation. They believe they aren’t going to be initiating a Game Boy come back. It wouldn’t come as a shock with the re-release of 2 of Nintendo’s most popular consoles. This being the NES Classic and the SNES Classic.

If the Game Boy is released it may follow suit with the previous console re-releases. Will the console be marginally smaller than the original? This may make them more appealing to the modern market. But the Game Boy being reduced in size could dramatically take away some of the novelty provided when playing.

Do you feel that the Game Boy could have the same success it previously had but 30 years down the line? Will it prove as popular in today’s market? What do you think?

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