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Our team will protect you from network infections, support you with the latest advancements and ensure you always have someone to turn to for help. We’re a trusted IT support and service provider. We’ll look after your current needs and help you to plan for the future with scoping and improvement phasing.

Honest & Reliable

We’re always true to our word. We’re upfront and trustworthy with our clients. We provide a dependable level of support at all times.


We care. We’re passionate about providing you with first-rate solutions, not workarounds. We’re interested in the IT industry and keep up-to-date with trends.


We know what your business needs. We’re an expert IT Support and service provider. So, we are always searching for better solutions to your problems to grow your revenues.


We won’t recommend products or services you can’t actually use. We’re an IT Support and service provider partner for your business. We’ll provide solutions, not sell add-ons.

No jargon

We’ll always speak plain English. We won’t use technical terms that put distance between us. You’ll understand all of our plans, reports and fix recommendations.

Cutting edge

Technology improves at a rapid pace. We’ll always source the gold-standard in quality, not price. We’re looking ahead at what your business needs to future-plan.

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"Thank you IT Assist for a fast, cost effective and efficient service. We look forward to working with you again in the future."

“We subscribe to one of IT Assists managed IT solutions, and can honestly say that they praovide us with a very proactive and forward thinking service, and that they have made a significant improvement on the performance and stability of our systems.”

"I called upon IT Assist on several occasions, typically needing some quick resolutions at short notice. The guys responded super fast and pulled out all the stops. They're very easy to deal with, both on the phone and then in person. Had the issues resolved rapidly, what more can you ask for? Thanks again!"


How to Fix Poor Video Call Connections

How to Fix Poor Video Call Connections

As part of the ‘new normal’ many people will be working from home for the foreseeable future, even as many parts of our economy return to usual runnings. With that, comes the challenge of making IT work for you outside of the office. Many people have struggled with...

Don’t Be The Business That Loses Your Clients Data

Don’t Be The Business That Loses Your Clients Data

Easy Passwords Will Hurt You Do you use an easy password? Something easy to "crack" such as your birthday or name? If you do, then unfortunately, you are a hackers ideal victim. You are what is commonly referred to as the "low hanging fruit" meaning you are the victim...

The Reality Of Bitcoin

The Reality Of Bitcoin

So, what is Bitcoin? If you have been living under a rock and have no idea what Bitcoin is, it is a digital currency which is used online to make anonymous purchases. Thanks to the coin being pseudonymous- which means that they aren't linked to people but to Bitcoin...

British Inventor Builds A Real Life Iron Man Suit

British Inventor Builds A Real Life Iron Man Suit

Sign me up for a Real Life Iron Man Suit I don't think you need me to explain how much we love superhero's here at IT Assist, it's built into the core foundations of our business. So imagine how excited we are to find out that someone has actually built a real life...

You Can Now Find Your Car With Google Maps

You Can Now Find Your Car With Google Maps

How to Find Your Car With Google Maps Have you ever wandered around car parks looking for your car? Well, you're not alone, it's something we all do. Fortunately, Google has our backs on this one. The smart people at Google have realised that this problem is all too...

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