Penetration Testing

IT Infrastructure Penetration Testing:

Use IT Assist’s IT Infrastructure Penetration Testing (Pen Test) to identify vulnerabilities and manage risk to your business. Our IT Infrastructure Penetration Test is the best way to independently evaluate your configuration and software vulnerabilities. By combining internal and external assessments, we can check for gaps from within and chinks in your external armour.

Internal Pen Test:

Our IT Assist security consultant will attempt breaches from within your own corporate network, on-site. This test is critical for identifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a member of staff, guest or internal corporate espionage agent. The assessment reviews the configuration, access levels and data usage across your entire internal network for risks.

External Pen Test:

While acting remotely, an IT Assist security consultant will attempt to breach your network via external access points. A comprehensive, outside-in approach; our team will test the robustness of your VPN, Firewall, online servers, backups, email servers and data storage. This test is designed to replicate the conditions of an external hacker, with the same access levels and permissions, for a true test of your security measures.

Remote Pen Testing:

By installing a virtual machine or designating a current network workstation for takeover, IT Assist is able to carry out both tests under remote conditions. With these two options, our IT Assist security consultant can operate within your internal network, exactly as if they were on-site. Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, this may be desirable for many organisations.

Is penetration testing important?

Given the importance of IT Infrastructure to business revenue, the prevalence of cybercrime and the requirement for pen testing included in many types of compliance; we can’t overstate how important it is to be aware of any potential risks. Our pen tests allow you to document and address any vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure in a manner that complies with all EU and UK compliance guidelines. Our service is fully bespoke and tailored to your unique business requirements.

Simple Reporting:

Identify key issues at a glance, without reading through pages of jargon. Know what is working, what is not and how we recommend it be addressed.

Evolving Threats:

As new risks emerge in the wider online space, we’re constantly updating our methods and approach to provide you with an accurate overview.

Reliable Expertise:

We only assign security consultants who have achieved the required certifications and experience necessary to perform compliant pen tests.

What IT Assist’s Penetration Test does:

Find and document security any vulnerabilities

Suggest improvements to your IT Infrastructure

Prioritisation of key and high-risk threats to your business

Provide third party and data controllers with proof of robust security measures

Provide the required compliance documentation on Penetration Testing

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