Self Hosted

We’re proud to offer the 3CX self-hosted phone system.

What’s the difference between traditional telephony and self-hosted VoIP?

A self-hosted VoIP lives in your cloud data centre instead of in onsite PBX. So, it’s often cheaper to maintain, has more robust features and doesn’t require repair contacts. We offer 3CX because we believe it’s the most user-friendly open-source VoIP system on the market for all business use cases. With a porting agreement, you can have your existing number moved to 3CX in a matter of hours. Unlock a world of remote features and customisation. This includes the ability to use softphone apps from your mobile device to make and receive calls via your office number and access your phone suite remotely.

Benefits of Self Hosted VoIP

Simple to integrate with most CRM systems & browsers

Make and take phone calls from almost any device

Closed-loop communications tracking including IM, chat and calls

Softphone apps for Android and iOS devices

White glove setup and training available

Launch in hours for remote working teams

Works perfectly with SIP Trunks

Flexible plans and tariffs

Bolt-on new features

3CX System Features

Unlimited access via iOS & Android apps

Built-in live chat & talk for websites

Web conferencing included in the browser

Available in the cloud: AWS, Azure or Google

Self-install & manage via a control panel

Set phone status per user

Launch quick chat or click to call

High-quality sound

Low delay and little to no downtime

Out of box installation

Automatically updates

Remote access

Premium call features

VoIP-friendly Handsets

While we recommend using the desktop interfaces and smartphone apps to interact with your 3CX installation, some offices may still require manual handsets. We recommend the following Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

With our business continuity planning you get:

Fanvil C600 (Hardware Version)

Yealink T40G / T40P

Grandstream GRP2612

Yealink T41P / T41S / T41U

Grandstream GRP2616

Please feel free to contact us for full information on supported handsets and accessories for your bespoke installation.

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