Tech Companies Build Giant Robots To Battle Each Other

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Home-blog, Just For Fun, News

Tech Companies Build Giant Robots and We’re Here for It!

If you’re like us, then you have probably seen and maybe even enjoyed Robot Wars. Whilst we like Dara O’briain, it just isn’t the same these days without Craig Charles. So, we’re itching for something new. Like maybe a show were tech companies build giant robots and smash them together?

Robot Battle

Robot Battle

Anyway, back to the point, a couple of years back, American firm Megabots, the manufacturers of huge robots, threw down the gauntlet. (For an epic super huge robot battle that is.) They reached out to their Japanese counterparts (Kuratas) and now we are at a stage where it’s all becoming a reality.

Megabots founders Andrew Stroup, Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti created the company to “empower an entire generation of creators to actually build the robots of science fiction for the first time”.

Kuratas is pretty similar in the way they make huge robots to entertain people, as well as being able to muck around with all kinds of cool things.

We genuinely can’t wait to see this battle of the bots. It’s set to take place in August this year at an undisclosed location. Follow their channel for more.

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