We’re So Glad You Said Yes

As the owner of IT Assist, I would personally like to thank you for choosing us and welcome you on board.

We are, as I’m sure you aware by now, a little different from the other IT service providers. Our goal is to provide an “all inclusive” service. No unexpected, hidden nasties, just good, honest, friendly IT services.

Below are details on how to make the most of our services, how to use the support tools, where to e-mail and who to call etc.

I’m confident you won’t find a better service anywhere else, but if you have any questions, concerns or know of any way that we can improve, my direct contact details are below.

Many thanks,

Danny Davies


Getting Support

Getting support has never been easier! We’ve created some detailed instructions on how to get the most out of our services.

For all business critical issues, please call us right away on 01709 464 323

Emailing Support

To create a ticket, simply email us at: support@it-assist.co.uk. When creating the email, be sure to make the subject relevant to the issue and provide us with as much information about the issue as possible.

This might include things such as who is being affected, when the issue started, the urgency/priority of the issue and any other details you think could be helpful to our support team.

Once you’re done, click send and within a matter of minutes you’ll receive an automated response confirming we have received your request and providing you with a unique ticket number.

Be sure to keep this ticket number somewhere safe! Later on we’re going to show you how to use it to check the status of a ticket.

Checking A Ticket

To check the progress/status of a ticket, you will need to navigate to helpdesk.it-assist.co.uk.

From the homepage, select the “Check Ticket Status” option, this is the large box on the right. From here you just need to enter your email address and ticket number (which can be found on the confirmation email) and then click “Email Access Link”.

You will then receive an email containing a link to your ticket.

Quick Recap

Where can I find the helpdesk?

What is the support telephone number?
01709 464 323

What is the support email address?